About us

The day of modern world are tiresome.Busy schedule deteriorate your physical, mental health and strength. You need a change- a rejuvenationThe only way to acquire this without any adverse effect is though the world wide accepted Ayurveda- the 5000 years old branch of medical science dealing with natural healing power of medicinal herbs. Swasthya Ayurveda Home is run by veteran family with a heredity over 400 years in Ayurveda traditional filed and scientific Ayurveda treatment. Swasthya Ayurveda Home carryout Ayurveda Treatment sticking strictly on instruction inscribed to the "Taliyola Grandhas (olachil) preserved by the family for generations.

Vision And Mission

  • Create fresh nature.
  • Maintaining the health of healthy person and cure the illness of unhealthy person.
  • Create awareness in people regarding the principle of Ayurveda and its unique benifits.
  • Open Hospitals and Dispensaries to care for the helpless and the suffering.
  • Provide traditional Ayurveda treatment that enables you to experience the ultimate satisfaction.
  • Do everything possible to bring our vision to mission.